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  • High Temperature Resistant Tape

    High Temperature Resistant Tape

    High Temperature Resistant Tape is widely used for stick the sublimation paper with the sublimation blanks (such as mugs, glass, photo frame, mdf, textile and etc) when heat transferrring. With it's features-Durable, high temperature and reliable. high temperature resistant...Read More

  • Sublimation Coating

    Sublimation Coating

    Sublimation coating Is a colorless liquid based sublimation coating product that can be brushed, dipped or sprayed to a sublimatable blank item that does not already have the sublimation polymer coating. Not intended for use with fabrics.Read More

  • Dye Sub Ink

    Dye Sub Ink

    Dye Sublimation Ink has been used in printing on the materials as Mug, Tile, Wood, Polyester, Nylon, Plastic, etc that impossible digital printing. After image printing on the transfer paper, the image can be transferring the materials on the high pressures and temperatures.Read More

  • Self Weeding Laser Foil

    Self Weeding Laser Foil

    Gold/Silver Foil Metallic For Vivid and Luxury LookingRead More

  • Laser Dark No Cut Heat Transfer Paper

    Laser Dark No Cut Heat Transfer Paper

    Print by white toner laser printer (C711WT) and transfer with white boost B paper, allows Laser dark no cut heat transfer paper to be transferred on dark fabrics with opaque and detailed image. no cut feature gives you the transfer results without leaving any background...Read More

  • No Cut Transfer Paper

    No Cut Transfer Paper

    1. Imported Paper From Italy. 2. No need to cut off edges,self-weeding Paper. 3. Compatible with OKI,Konica Minolta ,Xerox,Epson etcRead More

  • Self Weeding Transfer Paper

    Self Weeding Transfer Paper

    Work with white toner laser printer.Read More

  • Laser Printer T Shirt Transfer Paper

    Laser Printer T Shirt Transfer Paper

    Laminated Dark Color Laser Heat Transfer Paper For Textile, metal.Read More

  • Laser T Shirt Transfer Paper

    Laser T Shirt Transfer Paper

    For Light Color Cotton T-shirt, non cotton textile, shopping/tore bag, cushion, mouse pad, puzzle, metal and etc.Read More

  • Dark Color Transfer Paper

    Dark Color Transfer Paper

    Only suitable for more than 60% cotton textile, tore bag, canvas, fablic and etc. Just ideal for dark color cotton materials products.Read More

  • T Shirt Inkjet Transfer Paper

    T Shirt Inkjet Transfer Paper

    Iron-on transfer/heat press transfer For more than 60% cotton (Light color)Read More

  • Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

    Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

    Ideal for printing photo onto the more than 60% cotton white and light-colored fabrics and textiles.Read More

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