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Coated Rock Slate Clock Photo Frame

Coated Rock Slate Clock Photo Frame

Product Description Factory Produce Coated Rock Clock Photo Slate Frame For Heat Transfer Photo slate is one kind of polished natural Metamorphic Rocks, specially designed for photo printing. It is suitable for flat clamshell press machine and very easy to operate. You personalized Photos...

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Product Details

Coated Rock Slate Clock Photo Frame

Product Description

With a clear picture, you can create a craft rock painting that gives you a unique artistic taste! It combines the natural charm of ancient rocks with high-tech full-color digital patterns, making full use of the natural texture and texture of natural stone, so that the screen level is clear and interesting. The vivid image of the picture shows people's respect for nature and the pursuit of innocent psychology in the form of art. The picture always maintains a long-lasting, vivid color, which is resistant to wear, water, and glare. It lies in the fidelity of the picture, rich in color and simple and natural. The natural texture of the picture has been enhanced. This slate painting has no decoration and can be designed in an outfit style. Since the natural slate picture is naturally formed, some good slate paintings can not be found. These slate pictures have ornamental value and collection value. The photos on the slate painting can be any photos you choose (requiring uncompressed and clear photos such as wedding photos, family portraits, portraits, landscape photos, etc.). We can elaborate according to your requirements, careful greetings, or whatever you want. The content is integrated into the works through the artistic expressions such as seals, inscriptions, paintings and calligraphy, giving special meaning to such an exquisite personalized gift!

Product features: 

1. Personality, pictures provided by their own, you can freely choose the pattern;

2. Super waterproof and scratch resistant, printed, placed 30 years will not fade, do not fall off.

Application scope:

1. Wedding photos, artistic photos, self-designed DIY pictures;

2. Baby birth commemoration, birthday commemoration, children's photo;

3. Photo of family, friends, classmates and lovers

4. landscape photos, star photos, pet photos;

5. The treasured pictures and the only photos in the home.

Item NoFC-SH37
Usebirthday gift, souvenir, home decoration, etc
PaymentT/T, western union

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