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Hot Press
- May 18, 2017 -

Hot-pressing machine is a kind of two in advance to help solder solder tin plating to be enough to melt, flow temperature, curing, in the parts and soldering between the formation of a permanent electrical machinery connection equipment. should be different products, the speed of heating can be selected. Titanium alloy pressure head to ensure the average temperature, heating fast and the use of life. The pressure head is specially designed to ensure that the component is subjected to a compressive average. CNC temperature, clear precision. With digital pressure gauge, the pressure range can be preset.

Hot Press is also known as bonding machine. According to the medium of hot pressing, can be divided into solder, ACF (heterogeneous conductive adhesive tape), ACP (heterogeneous conductive glue), TBF (Hot Melt adhesive film). Suitable for FPC (flexible PCB), HSC (Zebra paper), tab and LCD and PCB connectivity. Because of the Pitch of PCB or FPC in consumer electronic products, the traditional solder technology has been difficult to satisfy the requirement of hot pressing. The ACF process has gradually been applied by handset designers.

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