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- May 18, 2017 -

Starting from the second half of 2011, the automotive beauty industry has a new trend, a new vocabulary quickly passed in the industry: coating. Silicone coating, glass fiber coating, physical coating, electrophoretic coating, a time coating became the automotive beauty industry's most attention topic.

What is a coating?

The main ingredient of the automotive coating agent PTFE is one of the most smooth substances in human possession. This extremely smooth material can make your car not stained, magically keep clean, even the water can not be stained on the paint film, so water will be easily washed off the attached to the car paint on any dirt.

The core technology of "automotive lacquer Surface Protection Film" is the use of glass cellulose, silicone polymers, fluorine polymers and high-water non-petroleum environmental materials, on the surface of the car paint to form a layer of the protective layer of never oxidation, the car paint and the outside world completely isolated, with very high strength and weatherability.