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Coating Process
- May 18, 2017 -

Required Equipment Products

Equipment used: Hairdressing tool car, sealing glaze machine, sealing glaze sponge, nano towel, cotton swab, planar sponge, wave sponge

Products used: Yan, sealant, mirror smooth agent, coated products, activity Promoter, tire polishing agent. Glass cleaning liquid, sheet wax, tar cleaning agent

Construction site: Lacquer surface, tire, glass, table

Action steps

Automotive cleaning → preparation and coating work → body blow water → remove body defect → active promoter processing → shielding sealing treatment → coating → polishing → car check

Coating Process Order: Washing the car → wipe out the tar → manual sandpaper grinding → deep local grinding → cutting local grinding → micro-cutting whole car polishing → whole car restoration → auto cleaning → whole vehicle activity promoter to oil → whole Car → → full mirror smoothness agent → cool dry → throwing potions → nothing bright resin → cool dry → throwing agent → fluorocarbon resin → cool dry → manual polishing → on gem protective film → cool Dry → polishing → sealing glaze → cool Dry → throwing medicine → detail processing → car check