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Coating Considerations
- May 18, 2017 -

The film body temperature cannot be too high (30 ° above), in the professional construction workshop to carry out construction, there should be noticed when sand seal room, the coating after the completion of the construction vehicles can not be exposed in the sun, to prevent the melting of the medicament layer, the medicament layer should be thin and evenly, and should pay attention to overalls, cuffs do not rub bad medicament layer, strictly prohibited the door to tread on the drug, strictly prohibited body, exterior parts, glass, rubber parts stained with potions in time wipe, some car skylight seals used in textile materials, In advance, it should be covered with the United States, to avoid the stain on the medicament. Do not wash the car within 7th after coating.

Testing standards

Construction: The body without moisture, evenly coated, embossing evenly

Cleanliness: No residue agent, bright lubrication of body, apparent improvement of paint surface after construction. (more than 100%)

After the construction of the body should be no residual agent, the gap between the plates and gold clean. Tire, glass, hub, table clean and corresponding curing wax. Ensure the integrity of construction.

After construction, the body should have good discharge water. The lacquer surface feels good, the smoothness can greatly improve

The body should not be organic parabolic in the sunlight refraction; the number of hairline scratches should be less than 7/m2