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Coating Application
- May 18, 2017 -

On the glasses

Coating is used in camera lens, myopia, farsightedness, reading glasses, such as correction on the use.

The coating is a very thin transparent film on the surface. The aim is to reduce the reflection of light, increase the transmittance, anti-ultraviolet and suppress low-yao light, ghost shadow; Different colors of the coating, also make the difference in the image color balance. In addition, the coating is acceptable to delay the aging of lenses, discoloration of the time.

Glasses coated commonly used medicines: zirconia (ZrO Shan), silica (SiO Shan), Ito (increase the lens conductive anti-ultraviolet), HT-100 (waterproof film, prevent aging and oxidation) ...

Coating principle: High voltage electronic gun will be the above several drugs vaporization, evenly distributed on the lens surface.

On the car

Coating Beauty is the highest measure to protect the paint surface, can avoid oxidation, to make the lacquer surface brightness, acid and alkali resistance, anti-oxidation, Anti-ultraviolet, and other effects. As the membrane material itself is a kind of inorganic materials, the car paint does not damage.

Generally in the car plating film, the body due to aging and discoloration of the patent of the leather and the corrosion of the formation of the oxidation of the perennial will be removed. Can increase the hardness of the paint surface, avoid small scratches and aperture generation. Keep the longest time, about one years.

The coating is not perfect, the coating time brightness is less than sealing glaze, so it is not suitable for the Smart car friends, the whole car coating prices in thousand yuan.

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