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Car Film Benefits
- May 18, 2017 -

The advantages of automotive plating film: Waterproof strong; The surface of the automotive coating is treated with fluorine, which has super waterproof. When water falls into the surface of the car, the water will be like a lotus leaf, the water shrinks into particles of beads, to prevent the formation of scale, pollution of the car paint.

The advantages of automotive coatings two: high temperature resistance; automotive coatings are made from glass crystals, can be in the scorching summer, played a good role in the sunlight and radiation reflected out, so as to achieve high temperature resistance to prevent high temperature of the car paint damage.

Advantages of Automotive Coatings: scratch-proof; in front of the car film is what, mentioned that it is composed of non-organic coating, inorganic coating can greatly improve the strength of the body, and then to a large extent to reduce man-made or sand to the body caused by scratch.

Automotive Coating Advantages Four: corrosion resistance; the automotive coating will not only be oxidized, but also resist acid rain, insect-car paint corrosion, so as to prevent fading and damage. It can be seen that its anti-corrosion performance is very high.

The advantages of automotive coatings five: anti-oxidation; automotive coatings can prevent the aging and oxidation of lacquer surfaces. It can be completely isolated from the car paint and air, thus play an antioxidant, anti fade, anti-stripping effect.

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