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B2B Vs B2C In China
- Dec 04, 2018 -

What is the mode in traditional trading in China? B2B OR B2C

With the improvement of international trade infrastructure such as logistics, finance, Internet and the emergence of new technologies, the form of international trade is constantly evolving. One of the significant changes is that the product from the factory to the consumer's access to more diversified, cross-border B2C business model has gradually been valued by the enterprise, forming an effective complementary collaboration with the B2B business module.

Regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C, in the Internet era, there is a distinction between “online” and “offline” in marketing and sales. For B2B, whether the channel is through the Internet or offline exhibitions, for B2C, That is, the sales channel is through online retail channels such as Amazon or offline retailers such as Wal-Mart; in addition, in the function positioning of the channel, B2B is often positioned in large-volume OEM and ODM production, while B2C is more focused on small orders and brands. Production and sales of products; moreover, B2B and B2C have different forms in supply chain, logistics, finance, etc. due to different business unit scales; finally, due to different properties such as volume and weight of products in different industries, some Products may be more suitable for B2B, while others are suitable for B2C.

China's foreign trade export enterprises basically take foreign trade B2B as their main business. With the continuous development of logistics and the Internet, some factors that have previously hindered the development of cross-border B2C are being reduced. At the same time, Chinese companies that have gradually established competitive advantages in manufacturing and R&D are no longer satisfied with simply doing OEM work, directly facing end consumers and building their own brands to become strategic appeals of these companies. Under this circumstance, the formation of B2B and B2C “walking on two legs” has become a viable option.