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Sublimation inks for heat transfer printing
- May 18, 2017 -

Sublimation Heat transfer printing ink is a new printing ink, heat transfer printing is refers to the transfer of paper sublimation heat transfer printing ink to fabric printing process.


Sublimation heat transfer inks are based on the sublimation characteristics of heat transfer inks, according to different design patterns, the printing ink to heat transfer printing paper (or film), and then printed on the pattern of the transfer paper and fabrics close contact, in the control of a certain temperature, pressure and time, the ink into the state sublimation from the printing paper transferred to the fabric (such as sportswear, packaging bags, non-woven fabrics, clothing, etc.), through the gas phase sublimation diffusion into the fabric inside, so as to achieve the purpose of coloring.


The process of printing the pattern of rich, colorful, changeable, small color, reproducibility, images will not fall off, cracking and fading, and wear-resistant, sun, so sublimation heat transfer products have more durable advantages. can achieve the design pattern of the requirements of the effect, and suitable for mass production; transfer printing process through a heat transfer machine (heating pressure) to transfer the film on the exquisite design on the surface of the product, after forming ink layer and product surface dissolve into one, lifelike beautiful, greatly improve the product grades. At present, the use of heat transfer technology developed products include: clothing, cloth bags, hats, pillow, mouse pad, coasters, mirror box, and so on hundreds of commodities.

The ink includes sublimation offset printing inks, sublimation silk printing inks, thermal sublimation gravure inks, sublimation inks and other products. Suitable for different models.