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Sublimation Heat transfer technology
- May 18, 2017 -

Sublimation Heat transfer printing refers to the sublimation transfer printing inks to paper (or plastic film), then the printed paper (or film) and the fabric overlap with the heat, pressure, paper (or film) dye into the state sublimation transferred to the fabric.

For example, sportswear, packaging bags, non-woven fabrics, clothing and so on. In addition to fabrics, you can transfer to ceramics (such as cups, plates, tiles), wood, chemical fiber, glass and metal products (surface to be coated with acrylic drying paint). Its main feature is the transfer image of colorful, rich level, the effect can be comparable with the printing. Unlike printing in the transfer inks in the dye sublimation, infiltration into the molecular structure of the object, sublimation after the formation of a bright color image. Images will not fall off, cracking and fading, so sublimation heat transfer products have more durable advantages.