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Printing method of sublimation heat transfer printing technology
- May 18, 2017 -

Sublimation Heat transfer printing technology has gravure printing, convex printing, flat printing (offsctdruckereien), screen printing and digital printing five. The production process can be classified as follows:

Production of heat transfer printing paper

Heat transfer printing paper production process and printing procedures similar to the text, drawings, photographs and other manuscripts by Seihan, ink, pressure and other processes, so sublimation heat transfer inks by Offsctdruckereien (or gravure printing, silk screen) in the form of the transfer to the base paper. Transfer printing based on the choice of paper should be high temperature, pressure resistance, to prevent infiltration, high surface smoothness, low permeability of dye gas and high tensile strength of the paper, such as copper paper, 80 grams of double adhesive paper. Sublimation Heat transfer ink selection is also a work that can not be ignored, the transfer of the image is bright, its resistance to friction, fastness and adhesion is the strongest, sublimation heat transfer printing ink quality plays a decisive role.