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Ink Main Ingredient
- May 18, 2017 -

Color material

including pigments and dyes, pigment, organic pigments and inorganic pigments, the former hue, strong coloring force, dry time is short, so the application of a wide range of inks, such as azo, phthalocyanine pigments; the latter, the light resistance, heat resistance, solvent-resistant, concealed forces are better, such as titanium dioxide, cadmium red, chromium green, ultramarine and so on. Pigments in particle state coloring, insoluble, ink is the most commonly used pigment. and dyes in the use of the preparation of solution, the molecular state coloring, the effect is not as pigment. The pigment can give the ink with different color and color concentration, and make the ink have certain viscosity and dryness.

Connecting material

is one of the main ingredients of ink, the dispersion of pigment and auxiliary materials, the media is made by a small amount of natural resins, synthetic resins, cellulose, rubber derivatives, such as dissolved in drying oil or solvents. There is a certain fluidity, so that the printing ink after the formation of a uniform thin layer, drying after the formation of a certain intensity of the film layer, and the pigment to protect the role, so that it is difficult to shed.

The transfer of the binders to the ink, brightness, fixed speed, such as printability and printing effect has a great impact, so choose the appropriate bonding material is to ensure that the printing of a good key, to be able to according to the packaging materials, printing requirements, and other different, at any time adjust the composition and proportion of the binders.