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  • High Temperature Resistant Tape

    High Temperature Resistant Tape

    High Temperature Resistant Tape is widely used for stick the sublimation paper with the sublimation blanks (such as mugs, glass, photo frame, mdf, textile and etc) when heat transferrring. With it's features-Durable, high temperature and reliable.Read More

  • Sublimation Mug Clamps

    Sublimation Mug Clamps

    High quality mug clamps for different kinds of mugsRead More

  • Plate Clamp

    Plate Clamp

    Print all kinds of 8'' platesRead More

  • Silicone Mug Wrap

    Silicone Mug Wrap

    This silicone mug mold clamp is so good because it can imprint all the sport bottles and can do 3 bottles at one time.Read More

  • Mug Wraps

    Mug Wraps

    1.5oz ceramic & glass mug clamp moldRead More

  • Sublimation Mug Wraps

    Sublimation Mug Wraps

    Use for 12oz cone ceramic mugsRead More

  • Mug Clamp

    Mug Clamp

    The mug clamp wrap is made of rubber silicone, widely used for 3D vacuum heat transfer machine. With the features of high temperature resistant and reusable, The clamp help the image on paper transfer to the surface of the mug by the heat and pressure of the 3D Vacuum Heat...Read More

  • Cap Heater

    Cap Heater

    Cap Heater/Hat Heater is used with heat press machine when transferring image onto the cap.Read More

  • Plate Heater

    Plate Heater

    Silicone Rubber Plate Heater For Heat Press Machine Specifications: Product Details: Heating Pad is designed for plate heat press machine, made of silicone rubber. With the features of high temperature resistant, you don't worry about the thermal squeezing, then crack the...Read More

  • Mug Heater Pad

    Mug Heater Pad

    This mug heater pad is used with mug heat press machine. And it's an important part of the mug machine. Without it, you can't heat press the mug. One mug heat press machine is compatible with variety of digital mug pads.Read More

  • Ciss Continuous Ink System

    Ciss Continuous Ink System

    Minimize printing cost and improving printing quality.Read More

  • Heat Press Vinyl Rolls

    Heat Press Vinyl Rolls

    Excellent processing properties for cutting plotters, compatible with ALL craft cutters such as Silhouette.Read More

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